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Monday, November 28, 2011

CSI Camberwick Green, not Camberwell Green

Picture the scene: a small, rural school, Sunday morning in autumn. A small group of people turn up wearing woolly hats pulled over their ears. First one, then another vaults over the walls of the school playground. Another passes a sledgehammer over the wall. Children shout encouragement to the people who are now inside school grounds. Phone the police? No... just some parents of kids who attend that school turning up at the weekend to install some large new piece of play equipment (a wooden tractor and trailer, since you ask) bought by the parents' association. They were offered entrance to the school grounds via a door or gate but declined. It is obviously far more fun to vault over the walls (then have your kids hurled over after you). I used to live in one of the more crime-ridden, "stabbier" parts of South London and can imagine how things might have played out had parents vaulted their way into a playground at the weekend armed with sledgehammers. Much more fun to be had in villages, y'know.

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