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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Lent Meditation I

I came away from the Ash Wednesday service at Ripon Cathedral with this, moved and inspired by the liturgy and by the words of Fr. Nick Buxton who preached tonight. Any theological oddnesses are most likely mine rather than his, however.

The Longer Lent

Ash Wednesday.
Waiting in line to receive and wear
An ashen cross. A sign
Of saying sorry, yet more:
Of meaning sorry, and knowing
Somehow, this is just the start,
A part
Of a longer Lent.

A Lent longer 
Than the forty days it opens.
Wilderness days of reflection,
Journey to death and resurrection.
Walk of faith, no more, no less
Significant than those other times
Of Jesus' life,
Part of the whole.

Incarnation, ministry, sacrifice,
First fruits of resurrection life -
These all and more are
Facets of the Christ
In which we glimpse His glory,
See the Father;
See what we, by grace
Might be transformed into.

This glimpsing, glancing, grasping at
An image never fully seen
Is in itself a Lent:
A waiting time
Of seeking God in prayer;
Of forgiveness, celebrated;
Of being marked by the Cross,
The sign of Christ.

A time of walking
Towards that Cross,
Towards that tomb;
Towards Easter,
Towards Jesus,
The dead and risen Christ.

That is the Christian journey:
The longer Lent. 

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