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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Transfiguration

Mark Ch. 9 v1-13 - The Transfiguration.
Why did Jesus tell Peter, James and John not to tell anyone about the transfiguration they had just witnessed? This was a very personal revelation about Jesus - a private glimpse of the glory of the Word made flesh to very close friends. Like Lent itself, the transfiguration is only truly understood in the light of Easter. God's glory shone through the flesh and blood of Jesus on the mountain as a foretaste of what we can expect when we, transformed into the image of Christ, shine with that same glorious light. 
We too shall see Jesus as he truly is, and ourselves as we truly are.

Don't Tell.

Don't tell. 
I know you've just seen the most amazing things, 
But don't tell.

Yes, Peter, James and John,
You saw me on the mountain
Revealed among the brightest light
Of creation exploding into being;
Of being spoken into being
By the Word of God
Which, you are gradually coming to realise,
Is who I am.
But don't tell.

It's not that I don't realise
What a mind-blowing experience
The three of you have just had,
But, hard as it is
To pass up the chance to say you were there
And saw all that:
Don't tell.

Elijah and Moses, 
Both revealed as part of the story
Of God's revelation as I spoke to them there,
But both illuminated by my greater glory,
That must have appeared odd.
Very odd. 
And I can tell from Peter's embarrassed blurtings
About setting up three tents
That you don't really get it yet.
So don't tell.

It's not your fault:
There's an important bit of the story
Which hasn't happened yet.
So please, while you don't yet see the whole story
(Because it is still being told)
While you only get glimpses of who I am,
While you grapple in the dark, 
Awaiting revelation,
Don't tell.

Don't tell...
Until the Son of Man is risen from the dead
And the story is fully told,
Then you can tell

In fact,
Then you can tell,
Then you must tell.

Tell everyone.

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