Who has pottered by this way, then?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Before Jerusalem

Before Jerusalem

The palm trees untouched.
The donkey still tethered.
And we wait.
And we watch.
And we listen.

The Via Dolorosa
Is just another road.
The upper room:
Just a room upstairs.
We wait.
We watch.
We listen.

And down the road,
So far away
That we cannot watch,
We cannot hear,
A jar breaks
And beauty fills a room:
Perfume sweet,
An outpouring of love;
Grateful tears
In a house of dear friends,
Of a man who was dead
But is now alive.

Precious love,
More precious than
The adoration of crowds,
More joyful than
Any shouted Hosannahs.

No premature triumph here,
But a King is anointed
And a house is filled
With beauty.

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