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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Epiphany poem

During a meditation and reflection time today, the following poem / song just sort of 'happened', bringing together Canon Barbara Clarke's reflections on the Epiphany with themes from the weekend's teaching.


God's 'Yes', adored in Bethlehem,
A light, revealed.
Returning home now another way,
Lovingly concealed.

God's' Yes' to life in new life disclosed:
Light from above,
Revealed in a helpless child, sustained
By a mother's love.

Borne by our hearts, the light will roam
To nations wide, to hearth and home;
That 'Yes' to love, that 'Yes'  to pain,
That 'Yes' to Calvary and shame.

The 'Yes' to all-things' fresh rebirth:
God shows Creation what it's worth.

God's promise kept,
God's love revealed,
Light of the world:
A world, healed.

God's 'Yes', adored in Bethlehem,
A light, revealed.
God's Covenant with the world he loves
In love is sealed.

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